Sede de Industrias Valenzuela en Esparraguera

Valenzuela Industries is a pioneer in the industry, with an experience of over 35 years as a manufacturer and wholesaler of bathroom furniture and it has one of the most advanced production systems.

Located in Barcelona , with facilities of over 25.000m2 available that allow you to meet any challenge you proposed, both nationally and internationally. Thanks to that and know-how , Valenzuela manufactures bathroom furniture contemporary design with quality finishes and very competitive prices.

From its origins Valenzuela has been characterized to meet the expectations of its customers , distinguishing the different needs of the various markets in which are included.

Our experience in the market is based on the attention , service and reliability of all our actions . All thanks to our team of professionals that enable effective and responsive to the client channel.

Valenzuela, following lines market, also offers a wide range of possibilities for decorating the bathroom, furniture, countertops, fixtures, mirrors, shelves and accessories.

And with experience in the manufacture of bathroom furniture, on the organizational and versatility in production, Valenzuela Industries has a comparative advantage , thus providing greater added value in all its products.

In the area of ​​PDF we provide users with a catalog of bathroom furniture with all the fixtures and fittings that make up our series in which the techniques of each features are detailed.